You Can’t Solve Problems By Screaming About Them

Patience, wisdom, and hard work lead to solutions

Brian Tubbs


A thoughtful woman ready to get to work — image generated via Midjourney

Got problems?

We all do. Our world is full of problems. Everywhere you look, you’ll see problems. Take a few steps in a particular direction and you’ll run into problems.

Problems are everywhere.

You can’t solve them by yelling at them.

This applies to personal problems, political problems, social problems, economic problems, religious problems, workplace problems, family problems, and on and on.

You might be able to make yourself feel better in the short term. You might even get a short-term sense of empowerment. But if you don’t control your anger, it will control you. It can certainly burn down your relationships and sabotage your life.

If anything, anger can make things worse. It can push people away and make solutions harder to achieve. We’re seeing this play out today in the political landscape. Everyone is so angry at each other — and so busy attacking and yelling at each other — that few people want to humble themselves, calm down, and actually work on solutions.

If you want to solve the problems in our society and your life, it’s going to take patience, wisdom, and hard work.