What Do You Believe?

…and why do you believe it?

Brian Tubbs


A person contemplating what they believe — image generated via MidJourney

Chances are you believe a lot of things in that you probably have opinions about everything from politics to sex and from the weather to sports. But having opinions doesn’t make those opinions inherently valuable.

Put another way: You have opinions. Great. So what?

So does everyone else.

Most people just meander through life bouncing around, reacting to various people and circumstances based on their opinions of the moment.

Do I like this restaurant?

Do I enjoy this movie?

Did I laugh at that comedian?

Did I agree with that preacher?

Am I comfortable with that politician?

Should I take this job?

Should I sleep with this person?

And on and on.

Here’s my question…

Is that all there is to life when it comes to what is true or right?

Do we just navigate through life pursuing pleasure and striving to avoid pain? And evaluate people, circumstances, and choices accordingly?

In a world filled with noise and chaos, we all must take a moment to consider our foundational beliefs — and on what (if anything) we base them.

What is your worldview? What constitutes the core set of beliefs that shape your perspective on reality, inform your values, and ultimately guide your goals and decisions?

Philosophers, theologians, politicians, activists, and everyday people have grappled with this concept of worldview for millennia. It’s a fundamental human pursuit to understand our place in the universe and to find meaning and purpose in our lives.

Unfortunately, in this day and age full of comparative prosperity (compared to previous periods of history) and the abundant overflow of information, noise, and distractions…

Many people today seem to be avoiding the fundamental questions of life.

So…I ask you now…

What do you believe?

I’m not asking simply for your opinions. I’m asking about the very basis of your…