To Err is Human — To Forgive? Not So Much These Days

We excel at judgment and we’re terrible at grace and forgiveness

Brian Tubbs


An angry, judgmental person and picture of what we’ve become — image via MidJourney

At the risk of sounding like the judgmental mentality I’m lamenting in this piece, let me confess…

I’m sick and tired of what our society has become like.

I write from an American context, but I imagine this can be said of many more societies than just the U.S. And that is…

We have become toxic, negative, hateful, argumentative, judgmental, narrow-minded, and unforgiving as a society. It sickens me and it breaks my heart.

We can’t just disagree anymore. Nope. We have to HATE each other!

We can’t just attack problems or points of view. Nope. We have to attack PEOPLE!

And when people err….

And they do…

We suck at forgiveness.

There is an old saying. I don’t know the origin but it goes like this:

“To err is human; to forgive is not company policy.”

This may be true about a lot of companies — past and present. But it’s certainly true about the United States of America.