Brian Tubbs
2 min readMay 18, 2023


To be clear, I don't at present identify with either political party right now, and I am usually the one who encourages people to avoid labels. And I find myself in a position now where I'm the one doing the labeling and defining :-), so allow me to express in humility to you that I strive to interact with everyone I encounter as an individual and not make judgments about their heart, thought, or intentions.

I would rather listen and learn than label and cancel.

So, I guess I'll answer your question this way....

I find that many (probably not all) of those who identify as "woke" or "progressive" today tend to be very negative and critical toward the American founding and, for that matter, past generations of Americans in general. And often practice a line of thinking (or reacting) that is very religious, even fundamentalist, in nature in that they often eschew traditional debate or discussion (especially on matters they believe should be settled) and want to impose a certain orthodoxy on others.

I grew up in a Christian fundamentalist environment so I clearly see the similarities -- although many (most?) woke progressives these days are often quite hostile toward Bible-believing Christians who lean theologically conservative or evangelical.

Now I recognize that there's an "orthodox" premise behind my defense of Washington (in the article that triggered our discussion -- which is a good one, btw -- and I appreciate this discussion). But the orthodoxy (if I can use that term) I'm defending is one that's generally been in place since the beginning of the country.

It's an orthodoxy that drove Lincoln to say that all of his political convictions stem from the Declaration of Independence. It's an orthodoxy that informed Frederick Douglass, Hiram Revels, and Martin Luther King, Jr - and virtually all the classic reformers.

To overturn that orthodoxy now with something that , depending on the progressive or woke school of thought that is in focus, often resembles socialism or even communism rather than the principles of the American founding is something that I strongly oppose.

Very strongly oppose.

If we're talking about MLK/RFK style reform, sign me up. If we're talking about some kind of "revolution" that would overturn the American founding and our current "system" (the Constitution being the embodiment of that system), if we're talking about tearing down all the statues to the founders and burning the American flag, yeah... I'm out. Not only out but strongly in opposition.

That said, I strive to love my neighbor as myself. I strive even to love my enemies as Jesus said. But... yeah...I can't go with either the Far Left or Far Right.