The Stupidest Holiday of the Year

Happy Presidents’ Day

Brian Tubbs


Image courtesy of Canva

It is beyond dispute or question that the third Monday in February has become the silliest, most vacuous holiday of the year.

Yeah, it’s a day off work — at least for those whose employers respect federal (and state) holidays. So, it makes for a relaxing 3-day weekend or the opportunity for a quick weekend getaway. But…

The holiday itself?




Those who follow my writing know I harp on this every year at this time. And I’ll continue to do so until our nation — I’m writing as an American — wakes the heck up!

Presidents’ Day is a stupid holiday and should be retired from our vocabulary. Permanently.

But I like having a day off and “Presidents’ Day” rolls off the tongue.


If you like the sound of “Presidents’ Day,” then move it to January 20. That’s Inauguration Day — at least every four years. It’s when we inaugurate our President, so that seems like a logical day to call it “Presidents’ Day.” And we can say that when Presidents’ Day falls on Inauguration Day, it’s a holiday.

Okay? Happy?

That way, you can keep this ridiculous holiday.

Sound good?

Otherwise, it’s time for it to go.

Why? What’s wrong with it?

Pardon me for stating the obvious but here’s what’s wrong with it…

Not all our Presidents deserve a holiday!

So, unless you’re prepared to say that all our Presidents should have a holiday, you should be on board with me about this.

But isn’t it supposed to honor Washington and Lincoln?

Then, call it Washington-Lincoln Day!

Yeah, it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as “Presidents’ Day,” but at least the holiday would mean something!

As for me…

I’m going to go with the original intent behind this holiday — an intent that got buried and ruined with the Monday Holidays Act (but that discussion is for another…