The Issue is Health, Not Age

Every presidential candidate should take a cognitive test

Brian Tubbs
3 min readJun 28, 2024
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On the evening of June 27, 2024, the American people — at least those who tuned in — saw one of the worst performances in U.S. presidential debate history. No one who watched last night’s presidential debate can honestly conclude that Joe Biden is qualified to continue as President of the United States, let alone be the Democratic nominee for that office.

He looked weak, fragile, and confused. I’m being generous to say he “looked” like those things. In a June 28, 2024 opinion piece for CNN, Ana Marie Cox put it best:

If you were at dinner with an older relative who behaved and spoke like Biden did during this debate — mumbling into his soup and such — you would at the very least ask if they needed a nap. If it wasn’t the first time it happened, you might have a quiet conversation with your siblings about what the next steps should be. I imagine that is the conversation the upper echelons of the donor class are having about Biden right now.

Biden’s performance was so bad that no amount of deflection — “Trump lied!” — is going to change reality, which is…

If the Democratic Party proceeds with nominating Joe Biden for a second term, Donald Trump will…