Stop Expecting Heroes to Be Perfect

Heroes are flawed, but we need them

Brian Tubbs
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“We don’t need another hero.”

That’s what Tina Turner said, right? I grew up in the '80s (actually the ‘70s and the '80s) and I fell in love with Turner’s iconic hit. It was electrifying, inspiring, and downright awesome.

It was also wrong.

If you didn’t grow up in the ’80s or if you need a refresher, here is Turner’s song as a music video…

Powerful. Epic. Awesome.

It was the main hit from the soundtrack to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome starring Mel Gibson. I didn’t see the movie back when it came out. (Saw it later). But I listened to the song countless times.

It was awesome.

And, again, wrong.

Well, that may be a little too harsh. How about partly wrong?

So, what is the meaning behind Turner’s hit song?

At its core, “We Don’t Need Another Hero” serves as a powerful anthem of hope and resilience in a world plagued by chaos and violence. The lyrics explore a post-apocalyptic landscape where people are desperately searching for a savior, someone who can bring them peace and salvation. However, Turner challenges this notion by proclaiming that what we truly need is not another hero, but rather the strength and determination within ourselves to rise above adversity.

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Turner (and the others behind the song’s composition) were correct that each generation must summon “the strength and determination within ourselves to rise above adversity” and defeat injustice and help alleviate suffering.

That’s a solid message — and it’s part of what makes the song so powerful.

The problem is that heroes aren’t a replacement for that goal. They help us fulfill it!



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