Stop Expecting Heroes to Be Perfect

Heroes are flawed, but we need them

Brian Tubbs
5 min readSep 9, 2023
Photo by Terence Burke on Unsplash

“We don’t need another hero.”

That’s what Tina Turner said, right? I grew up in the '80s (actually the ‘70s and the '80s) and I fell in love with Turner’s iconic hit. It was electrifying, inspiring, and downright awesome.

It was also wrong.

If you didn’t grow up in the ’80s or if you need a refresher, here is Turner’s song as a music video…

Powerful. Epic. Awesome.

It was the main hit from the soundtrack to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome starring Mel Gibson. I didn’t see the movie back when it came out. (Saw it later). But I listened to the song countless times.

It was awesome.

And, again, wrong.

Well, that may be a little too harsh. How about partly wrong?

So, what is the meaning behind Turner’s hit song?

At its core, “We Don’t Need Another Hero” serves as a powerful anthem of hope and resilience in a world…