Slander Christians, Make Money

It’s the Medium Way!

Brian Tubbs
3 min readNov 13


Closeup of a vengeful, hateful, angry writer — image generated via MidJourney

Do you hate Christians and want to make money? Medium is the place for you! This platform is full of angry axe-grinders eager to chop down Christians, reaping financial rewards for their troubles.

Doubt me? Just do a couple of searches for “Christian,” “Christianity,” or “evangelical” and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m not going to link to any of the slanderous pieces because I don’t want to send any traffic their way. Just do the searches and you’ll find them. There are plenty of them. Everything from churches being nothing more than brothels for predatory pastors to Christians hating people and loving suffering and death. The nonsense is ridiculous, vile, and never-ending.

Medium has become a literary heaven (can I use that word?) for readers who despise all things Christianity and apparently anyone who identifies as a Christian. And it’s a cash cow for writers who want to add their poison-dripping rant to the mix.

To be clear, I’m okay with criticism. I’ve criticized Christians myself.

I’m even okay with strong, intense criticism. I fully support holding people — Christians and non-Christians — accountable for their actions.

I’m talking about ugly defamation and slander — driven not by any noble desire but pure hatred. There’s nothing redeeming about that.

What’s more, I’m not just opposed to the hatred of Christians. I’m opposed to the hatred of anybody.

We must stop the hate and choose to love. We should love everyone in the path of our lives, regardless of religion, race, color, nationality, gender, sexual identity, political beliefs, or any other consideration. We may not agree with everyone but we can (and should) love them.


Hate is profitable. And Medium is just one of many platforms that follows the money. Writers who pour out hatred and slander get more views and make more money than those who call…