Should X Change Its Name Back to Twitter?

A parody account poll on X draws lots of opinions — What’s yours?

Brian Tubbs
1 min readMay 31, 2024
Image generated via MidJourney — ignore the comma at the end, the bird is learning punctuation

Should X go back to Twitter? Should posts on X go back to being tweets?

Tens of thousands of people are saying “yes” to a poll that’s currently popular on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The poll is from a parody account. This isn’t the real Elon Musk. I checked Elon’s official X profile, and there’s no sign of such a poll. And to my knowledge (as of this writing), there is no indication Elon is thinking of changing back to Twitter, but…

If this poll continues to garner more interest, I’m sure it will get his attention. And then you never know what could happen.

Why don’t you click on the poll and let the X universe know what you think?

And feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments on this article as well.

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