MidJourney Struggles With American Presidents

At least some of them

Brian Tubbs


President Obama with some Lincoln impersonators and a guy who…I got nothing!

The above image — the one that headlines this article — was supposed to be an image of some of our Presidents. I typed in the following as a prompt…

Presidents Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Obama, — ar 16:9

MidJourney got really confused and spit out this…

MidJourney’s original output for my Washington-Lincoln-FDR-Obama prompt

It got Obama right. Gave me several Obamas — sometimes in the same image (where there’s only supposed to be one). And Lincoln pops up too — though only realistically in one of the frames (the upper left — the second Lincoln from the left being the most realistic).

As for the rest… none of these guys resemble FDR or Washington.

So, I changed the prompt to…

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama, — ar 16:9

And got…

The results of my new Washington-Lincoln-Roosevelt-Obama prompt

Now, if you’re a fan of President Obama, you might be impressed with the top two images. The upper right image looks like some kind of artistic representation of Obama embodying Lincoln’s vision for America. Same with the upper right, which admittedly looks striking. MidJourney didn’t get the engraving above Lincoln’s statue right, and the pillars look “off,” but otherwise…it’s a strong image.

Then, we come to the bottom two. The lower left is the one that I chose to headline or highlight this article. It has Obama in the center, flanked by three aspiring Lincoln lookalikes who still need to work on their look. And then a guy on the end who looks like he snuck into the photoshoot.

The lower left features a beardless Lincoln (sort of) in the center with a guy who much more closely resembles Lincoln to his right (our left). Obama looks like he’d rather not be in the picture. The guy on the far left (our left)… I have no idea who he is! And the guy on the far right kind of resembles George Washington — who just got shot in the head!