MidJourney Struggles With American Presidents

At least some of them

Brian Tubbs


President Obama with some Lincoln impersonators and a guy who…I got nothing!

The above image — the one that headlines this article — was supposed to be an image of some of our Presidents. I typed in the following as a prompt…

Presidents Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Obama, — ar 16:9

MidJourney got really confused and spit out this…

MidJourney’s original output for my Washington-Lincoln-FDR-Obama prompt

It got Obama right. Gave me several Obamas — sometimes in the same image (where there’s only supposed to be one). And Lincoln pops up too — though only realistically in one of the frames (the upper left — the second Lincoln from the left being the most realistic).

As for the rest… none of these guys resemble FDR or Washington.

So, I changed the prompt to…

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama, — ar 16:9

And got…

The results of my new Washington-Lincoln-Roosevelt-Obama prompt

Now, if you’re a fan of President Obama, you might be impressed with the top two images. The upper right…