Let’s Make Some Aquarium Images

Some of these make great desktop wallpaper images

Brian Tubbs


My PC wallpaper — generated by yours truly via MidJourney

I like fish. But I’m not the best at caring for them. My latest solution…

A virtual aquarium.

You don’t need to feed the fish, clean the tank, monitor the pH balance, or any of that. You can just look at it and enjoy it.

Right now, I have a beautiful aquarium image on my PC screen. It makes for great wallpaper. Now, I have some more options to rotate.

For this article, I decided to ask MidJourney for some beautiful and exotic aquarium images. I started with a simple prompt and built from there — adding more words to the prompt each time.

You’ll see the prompt in the caption of each image. For each image, I chose — ar 16:9 so I won’t put that in the caption.

Let me know which one you like the best.

Here we go…

Simplest prompt: An aquarium
Expanded prompt: A beautiful aquarium full of fish
a peaceful and tranquil aquarium with salt water fish
a peaceful coral reef aquarium with salt water fish
a breathtaking aquarium with exotic fish, beautiful, gorgeous
A mesmerizing 3D aquarium full of beautiful fish
A dolphin aquarium — yeah, that bottom right picture is not exactly realistic
A dolphin and underwater handler in a beautiful aquarium full of fish