In Defense of People Who Go to Church

Stop hating churches and the people in them

Brian Tubbs
7 min readJun 26, 2024
Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash

There is probably an article every week — if not every day — that pops up here on Medium attacking Christians or slandering churches (and those who still like to participate in church).

Some are written by people who have genuinely been hurt in church (either by church leaders or congregations). In some cases, their pain is real and needs to be heard. If you fall into that category, I’m not criticizing you. But…

Some of these anti-Christian tirades are downright ridiculous!

And many (even including some that may have started from a good place) cast far too wide a net or paint with much too broad of a brush. And some don’t end in a good place — not for the author or the reader.

Bad churches need cleaning

Let me say very clearly and in writing that there are bad churches out there. And bad churches need cleaning.

Those congregations who have allowed a toxic culture of hate, dysfunction, destructive gossip, ridiculous in-fighting, or a lack of care and compassion need to police themselves — or (if they are unwilling to do that) shut down. And church leaders who hurt people need to be held fully accountable.