I Did It! I Posted One Article a Day for 30 Days

What were my results?

Brian Tubbs


Let’s celebrate — image generated via MidJourney

I’ve been a Medium writer since 2018. The platform has gone through a few changes since then, but I’ve never really earned much money here.

I write because I enjoy writing.

And because I hope someone, somewhere will be encouraged by what I write or will have a few extra things to think about.

One thing that I hadn’t been, though, is super consistent. I was the kind of writer that gets prolific in spurts. I’d write a bunch, then stop, then write some more.

Some days, I felt like putting something out into Internetland — or at least Mediumland, and I do. Other days, meh.

In 2021, I buckled down and started writing more consistently. Not every day, but consistently. In 2022, I increased my writing even more. I haven’t done the hard work of going back through my published “stories” (as Medium calls articles) and doing the math. But I would estimate (starting in 2022) about 2–3 per week.

A few of my articles went viral (at least “viral” for me).

All this pushed my follower count to over a thousand and I started seeing a little $$$. Not a lot, but some.