Does God Have Opinions?

If so, shouldn’t we care what those are?

Brian Tubbs


A thoughtful person considering the nature of God — image via MidJourney

If God is real, then God has opinions.

That’s my contention. That’s what I’m putting on the table for consideration and discussion.

I realize that some of you reading this do not believe in God. To you, such a question as the one I posed in the title will sound silly. You’re likely to think or say something along the lines of…

How can an imaginary sky god have opinions? If this imaginary being — call him the “sky god” or “the Flying Spaghetti Monster” or whatever — has “opinions,” it’s only those given to him/her/it by people who made him/her/it up.

That sound about right?

I’ll save a discussion on the evidence for God for a different article. For now, if you’re an atheist or agnostic, and you can’t resist, feel free to comment. I already have a pretty good idea of what you’ll say, but go ahead. Or… you may just want to pass on this article or sit back, sip a latte, and enjoy.

My question is for those who either do believe in or are at least open to the existence of a Supreme Being. It’s to them I ask…

If God is real, does it not stand to reason that such a Being would have opinions?

At this point, I must quickly address another group.

Many don’t believe in a personal God. They believe in a pantheistic or panentheistic reality that sees “God” as some kind of indeterminate, cosmic “force” or energy that just flows around and through us. If they are correct, then it doesn’t make a lot of sense to talk about such a force as having opinions.

However, I ask this respectfully of anyone in that group…

If you don’t believe in a God that has distinct opinions or beliefs, then essentially you’re saying you don’t believe in God with conscious thought.

Can such a Being — a Being incapable of personal thought — be able to create…well…anything?

Answer: No.

If an entity can’t think, that entity can’t create.

My focus here is on the God who created this universe and all of reality.