A World Without Bigotry

May we all work toward such a world

Brian Tubbs


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A few years ago, a former work colleague of mine shared an episode from his life that remains painfully etched in his mind.

He was a second grader at the time public schools were being racially integrated. He remembers parents shouting at him and yelling obscenities when he and other children whose skin wasn’t white came off the school bus and headed into their newly integrated school building. The memory of that hate and bigotry will likely never leave him.

It is a memory that’s also etched in the collective consciousness of the United States in general. Many people alive today went through that — on both the receiving end and (shamefully) some on the delivery end.

There is no moral justification for hating, threatening, abusing (either physically or verbally), or mistreating another human being simply because that person’s skin color is different from yours.

I would argue there’s no reason to do those things to anyone for any reason.

It’s hatred. It’s bigotry. It’s evil. Period.

Yet what brings out such evil from people?

The first answer is controversial, albeit effectively irrefutable. And that is…