7 Quotes to Live By From George Washington

Wisdom from the Father of the United States

Brian Tubbs


George Washington statuesque image via MidJourney

Today is a holiday in the United States. It is known to most people as “Presidents’ Day.” Yet that is not its original name, and still — at the federal level — not its official name.

From 1879 (the origin of the February holiday) until the sixth decade of the twentieth century, the American people singularly honored George Washington, the father of their country.

That changed with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act (passed in 1968) which shifted several holidays to a Monday to give federal workers (and workers in those states and businesses that followed the federal government’s lead) a 3-day weekend.

Soon after, George Washington’s Birthday became Presidents’ Day in the popular consciousness.

As someone who regards this as a travesty…

I wanted to take this day to reflect on George Washington himself — in particular, the wisdom of George Washington.